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We're here to help you live a more peaceful life.


Hello! I'm Kelly Schaber Burgi, Owner of James & Lily Home. I am a born organizer on a mission to bring clarity, simplicity, and harmony to my clients' living spaces, with an unwavering commitment to transforming chaos into serene sanctuaries. Passionate about environmental sustainability, I incorporate eco-friendly practices into my work, emphasizing the importance of recycling, upcycling, and choosing sustainable storage solutions, ensuring my clients' organizing journeys are eco-conscious and environmentally responsible.

My client's satisfaction is my top priority. I take great pride in the positive transformations we bring to their lives and homes. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing clients revel in their organized spaces' newfound peace and efficiency.

Let's create your dream space together! We are currently booking in Austin, San Antonio, and lots of places in between. Send me an email for a free in-home consultation at

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